Love letter to the girl who won’t let go

You’re going to feel stupid one day

… But it’s okay, I’ve been there

Many of us have been there, and your need to control and fix a broken situation is not defined by idiocy.

In fact, you’re a smart girl. You’ve read the situation like a children’s book. I know this because you’re wise enough to know that this letter is directed at you— you’re the girl who won’t let go.

So why?

Why if you’ve carefully sifted through the pages of your current situation… why can’t you release that thing, that man, that woman, that life— that idealized life that dances gentle pirouettes inside your mind? And why, if I were to tell you to release it, if you were to tell you to release it, if God himself were to come down from the Heavens to personally greet you inside the walls of your complicated heart to say, “Hey, Girl, release it!!” Why then, would you still not release it?

And I can tell you this, but my words won’t matter nearly as much as the situation played out to reveal itself to you. So I won’t waste a single breath or a single moment of your short, fleeting time on this earth telling you the things that your family, your friends, everyone who cares about you has been telling you.

Instead, I will say this.

Your worth will never be determined by anyone other than a perfect being who hand-crafted you and your spirit to be placed unto a hand-crafted earth.

He saw you. And He saw that you were good. And you are good.

So be good.

And hold onto yourself.

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