Questions to Ask

*A poem of frustration written shortly after the shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA, a place that I’d frequented and loved.

Where were you that day—

The day of the shooting?

Did you have the week off for vacation?

And how can the creator of the world take vacations?

Why didn’t you hold me when I was broken?

Why didn’t I feel you when I was shattered?


Did you hear the screams?

The victims begging for mercy?

Were the unanswered prayers even heard?

Or had you already gone to sleep for the night?

Did you see the believers losing faith

As they stared death in the face?


Do you remember my friend who lost the life

That you had given her just eighteen years prior?

Had you decided that it was her time to go

Or was it by chance that she fell to the earth then from it?

Is she with you now and until the end of time

Or is she gone—lost in an anarchical universe?


Do you ever feel guilty

For creating such a broken race?

Do you ever sit back atop your golden throne

And look at the monster you’ve made

And cry?

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