a decade’s worth of thanks

As we enter 2020, a new decade, it only makes sense to me to give thanks for the years passed.

How does one give thanks for an entire decade?

To begin: gratitude for ten years of health and happiness.

I was thirteen when I entered the 2010’s. I couldn’t have imagined that life would take me from my comfort zone in Oklahoma to the beaches and traffic of Southern California. Then, to London for four months with lots of mini travels within.

I discovered that the world has much more to offer than what I’ll find in the states— the unique culture of Morrocco, the beautiful language spoken in Barcelona.

I grew away from some friends with whom I’d spent my childhood, and I grew closer than I thought possible to some soul sisters I met in college.

I grew more into myself, fiercely living my truth. I fell and I failed, and I got back up, and I failed again.

And I got back up.

There are not enough words of gratitude to give to encompass a decade, but I hope to live the next in thankfulness, health, and happiness.

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