i feel it in my bones

you’re about to move.


those words echo inside the walls

of my brain

despite the recognition

that the space

is filled to capacity,



you’re about to move.

i feel that, all hair rising to attention

i feel that; taste the truth before it can even

roll off of my tongue.

leave my lips.


i feel it in the wind

over and over and over again.

and between the “about to”s, He does.

He moves.


and then i feel it again; first

in my bones and then

in the wind

as i prepare myself to

sing the words out as if preaching

to His people.


i want to reach my hand into the sky

and touch His face

and feel it.


and then i’m out at sea

and suddenly the waves stop

crashing into my will

like a prayer, and i feel it

in my bones,

and He’s about to move.


and so He

blows on through.

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