november ’19 gratitude log

for after a difficult month, having the discipline to look back in reflection:


november passed me in the blink of an eye

leaving no time to catch my breath

instead, perpetuating the gasping

for oxygen.

I begged to stay afloat,

and barely,

I did.


I am thankful for this,

and being that the day for giving thanks

resides within this month

that passed much too quickly

I take it as a challenge

from above

to remember,

and in remembrance,

give thanks.


I am thankful for a trip

to my home,

to my family,

into love.


I am thankful for old friends

keeping me stable.

for new friends

keeping me moving

through the changes

and phases

of life.


I am thankful for november

giving way to december

giving way to january—

the first month

of a new year,

of a new decade,

of newness,

and its potential

for greatness.


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