july ’19 gratitude log

but first, for making it halfway through a year of abundance and blessings. i am grateful.


grateful for july 14th, the day i brought home my new puppy, a blessing in himself.

yellow, floppy ears

puppy dog eyes accompanying every utterance of


and then,

acceding. me to him, not him to me.

giant paws, cuddles, and clumsy sprints.

for him becoming best friends with my best-fur-friend, and then, a best friend to me.

i am grateful.


for rekindlings of friendships long neglected but not forgotten.

the sweet sound of “i love you”‘s uttered late but not too late.


i am grateful

for confidence,

genuine and not faked,

paired with red lips and a soul

bursting at the brim with dreams.


for desire

to write. and for this platform that let’s me

speak in words to strangers and those known

so that they may see me right down to my heart.

and for words, especially. and especially, words given to me

by God.

i am grateful.


for july, one of my favorites;

second only to june. june, to me, is the month

of deciding.

july is the month

of acting.


for you, july.


i am grateful.



1 Comment

  1. Love it my sweet Tay. I am greatful for being able to read your posts. You are an awesome writer amd I am so very proud of you. Love you, Aunty Zee.


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