January Gratitude Log

January began a new decade and with it came a lot of excitement and energy. New Year’s Eve felt even more promising than usual, with everyone holding tight to his/ her resolutions, determined to make 2020 a wonderful year… myself included.

And as per the usual unpredictability of life, I couldn’t have predicted how the first month of 2020 would play out. I write this while coming off of a week of being sick— a part of life that I assumed 2020 would have no room for.

But just as the Earth still spins and the sun rises every day, so too do the common realities of life still occur. This month has not been some magical, mystical, long-awaited miracle. But it has been good.

I have begun to settle into a new gym routine, I’ve gotten to spend time with friends who I dearly missed over the holidays, and I’m reaching for goals that ‘2019 me’ would’ve called impossible.

I’m taking the adrenaline that has come with the new decade to try to reach for unimaginable dreams, and even if I land on failure, I know it will come with growth.

I’m thankful, mostly, for the newness that comes with the first month of a new year, a new decade; it gives us the excuse we’ve needed to stop settling for contentment.

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