I’m Starting an Online Business Boutique

I’m starting an online business boutique. Here’s why:

I sometimes feel as if I am experiencing each day without actually living in it. The evidence of this is the lack of motivation to get out of bed in the morning, to move from the couch in the evening, to leave my home on the weekend. I know you know the feeling; it’s one of the side-effects of being human. At some point in your human life, you will feel this way too. Bravo to you if it hasn’t happened yet.

I feel like every little, complex piece of me craves to feel the passion of hammering away at the framework of a dream until it becomes a reality. It’s not about a level of ambition— it’s about the human need for purpose in this life.

Do you want to travel the world on a budget? Do you want to publish a young adult novel? Do you want to start a nonprofit, launch a podcast, or maybe even start an online shop like me? Embrace these desires; the need to feel deeply and intimately about something that will touch the lives of others is absolutely beautiful. Don’t ever stop dreaming.

Let me tell you about the shop that I am launching: not because I am trying to sell you anything through this post but because I’m so excited about the mission of my brand and the magic behind having taken several passions of mine and mixed them together in a way that has made so much logical sense to my brain and my heart. My heart excites just thinking about it.

For as long as I remember, my passion has been for creative writing, and that has not been forgotten with my business.

My shop is called Lax Out Loud. It’s an online shop, hosted on Etsy, where I am able to bring together my love of writing and fashion/ home-product design. My shop will offer graphic designs on practical products for powerful ladies leading a “lax” lifestyle. We will have cute graphic tees, graphic hoodies, funny mugs with graphics, framed prints for your wall, and other merchandise with graphic designs.

I’m excited about the designs; the stupid dad jokes, and the more serious feminist banter all strategically placed on fun products and merchandise. I genuinely love wearing my own clothing line, and I cannot wait until we launch so I can wear them out and about!

However, what I am most excited about is the mission and meaning behind my brand. If my business is a building, the products are the cosmetic appearance, and the mission is the foundation. My motto is to turn relaxation into a lifestyle. I want to encourage women to take things in stride, laugh and themselves and not take life too seriously. And here is why:

Being human in 2019 seems exceptionally hard. Being a woman in 2019 is especially, exceptionally hard. We can live our lives stressing about it constantly (I won’t lie, I do this sometimes), or we can just lax the heck out and realize that we can create our own happiness, our own relaxation, our own lives.

My brand, in all ways, always will promote mental and emotional health awareness. I do not want to go too deeply into my past here (though vulnerability is so important to me, and I share about my struggles often), but I do want to share that I have had a very difficult time with maintaining healthy mental and emotional states. I want women to wear my clothing designed for women, hang my prints with quotes crafted for women, and be happy to thrive as beautiful women. We can heal ourselves together, and shout it out loud from the rooftops while doing so. That is my hope for the message behind this brand.

If you relate to my mission and feel so inclined, let’s connect via Facebook and Instagram. I would absolutely love to chat with you. I will be announcing the grand opening of the shop here and on my social. Subscribe here (at the bottom of the home page of this blog) to receive an email when we are launched with all of the available products. My email list subscribers will receive the best promo codes and discounts!

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