Undergrad Dreams, Passions, and Goals

Writing creatively has always been a passion of mine, and I have been beyond blessed to be able to study the subject I love at Pepperdine. I wrote my first short story in second grade, and my teacher printed it out and had it laminated for everyone in the class to read. Since then, I have dedicated much of my free time to writing poetry, short stories, and novels. In high school, I was editor of my school’s newspaper. This was an amazing experience for me because it gave me the opportunity to work with others who love writing as much as I do. I completed my first novel in high school, which ended up being a great learning experience.

Studying creative writing at Pepperdine has challenged me to become a more confident writer. Workshopping and sharing work with classmates is an essential part of most of the creative writing classes at Pepperdine, and this has forced me to come out of my comfort zone. My first creative writing course at Pepperdine was Introduction to Creative Writing. This class helped me to further my knowledge in the arts of poetry, short stories, and screenplays. My next step in working towards my bachelor’s in creative writing was taking Intermediate Creative Writing which focused on poetry and short stories. I am currently enrolled in Advanced Creative Writing and Advanced Screenwriting, which allow me to work and get feedback on a novel and a screenplay. I love writing about challenging subjects that are often times avoided in writing because of possible controversial discussions that may arise. I write to tell stories that I know need to be told and stories that I believe could make a positive impact on a reader’s life.

After I graduate from Pepperdine, I hope to continue on to law school and pursue a career in law. I am passionate about social justice issues, and I think that it is my duty to do all that I can to help those in need, whether it be representing someone in court or publishing books that bring awareness to the many social justice issues that are prevalent in society.



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