Corduroys For Christmas? + Meet Harley

Welcome Beauties, and thanks for checking in today!

I’m coming to you with a fashion trend that seemed to be off everyone’s radar for a bit but now has crept back up… Corduroys..?



Yes, that’s right, Corduroys– the cute kind, I promise! I noticed these hidden gems as I was Black Friday shopping, and though they weren’t everywhere (like bomber jackets and Adidas shoes), they were hard to ignore as their potential to serve as part of a super cute
fall/ winter outfit was impossible to ignore.

I only bought one because I was a bit skeptical. Corduroys have def not been a thing for a long while. However, I know that more will for sure make it into my shopping bag the next time I hit up the mall as they are s’cute! I got mine in the color ‘Ivory.’


Get yours HERE.

Because I was so skeptical about these cute lil’ pants, I decided in the store that I was going to have to find something that it fits well with just in case I didn’t have anything that matched. Silly idea, though, because they go so well with any darker colored top. The cream-like color is SO in this winter, and it’s honestly such a lovely color to contrast with a darker color.dsc_0175

However, I am pretty happy because I found the cutest blouse to go with it! The blouse is a darling army-green color which is so popular and trendy right now. The two colors compliment each other so well. My closet is literally full of army green and cream/ nude apparel this fall. It’s my favorite color scheme right now. Anyways, the actual name for the color is ‘Olive Grove.’ 


You can get yours HERE.


dsc_1098Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the lil’ fur baby in the picture! I want y’all to meet Harley! She’s my daughter and best friend and honestly the sassiest fashionista you’ll ever meet. I love stylin’ with her, so you will see lots more of her– she loves the spotlight! She’s a nine-month-old Maltipoo, and her favorite activities are going shopping (for treats and toys of course) with mommy as well as chewing on things she’s not supposed to (socks, underwear, and hands to name a few).

If you have a furry friend who wants to be as fashionable as sweet Harley, you can purchase  the vest she is wearing HERE.

Oh, and if you aren’t following me on Instagram, go check out @heyitstayblog! You can have your own beauty posts featured there and find out about awesome products that aren’t mentioned here! That’s it for now Beauties!

Stay Beautiful,



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